Our Story

A few years ago it became clear to me that the way I had always shopped for clothes had to change.  The environmental impact of fast fashion (especially for a denim lover) had become impossible to ignore.  So I started looking for more sustainable options.  I found companies with a conscience that I could feel good about, and along the way I rediscovered the most sustainable option there is-thrift.

Danielle at her sewing machine Image of Danielle Hodges

The only problem?

None of the denim I found in thrift stores or vintage shops fit me the way I wanted.  So I tried taking my finds to a tailor to alter them-hemming, taking them in, tapering the leg.   While these tailors were extremely talented, I could never quite explain what I wanted and the finished product always fell a bit short of my expectations.

So I decided to start doing the alterations myself!  I've been a sewer my whole life, after all. After a few pairs,  it was obvious that this wasn't a problem for just me.  My friends and family started asking if I could do the same thing for them. Fast forward 6 months and I was working out of a local industrial sewing studio with people that helped take my skills to the next level.

Since starting this company I have met literally hundreds of women that can't find jeans that fit.  They gap at the waist, they're too short, or too baggy in the hips-you name it.  Instead of asking ourselves what's wrong with our bodies we should be asking ourselves what's wrong with our clothes. Let me create a gorgeous pair of jeans made for a body that's perfect just the way it is. 

Danielle xo