How It Works

We have two ways to order now, either everything is done online and you fill out all of your measurements OR you purchase an in-studio fitting with me!

If you are out-of-town and not able to make it in for a fitting, please go to our How to Measure Yourself page first. If you are coming in for an in-studio fitting, I will take all of those measurements for you.

After you place your order, I'll select the perfect pair from my inventory of over a thousand pairs of Vintage Levi’s, Lee’s, Wranglers, Rustlers, and Calvins. Not one pair is the same and they each tell a different story through their rips, fades, and tears. 

Then the fun part begins.  

First I take the jeans apart from the waistband to the seams, to the hem. I remove whatever rivets might get in the way, and  often the back pockets as well.  I reinforce any weak spots in the denim and fix up any broken hardware, like zippers or buttons.

Then, using the new set of measurements, I put them back together, but this time, with a different shape in the leg, or a raw hem, or a lower waistband.  

When the jeans are all ready to go, we'll schedule a fitting for local clients, or ship them off for my out-of-towners! The jeans you buy from me never expire. If they get a rip, or if you change size, or if you break a zipper, just bring them back and we’ll keep them running as long as we possibly can. Every repair means less time spent in a landfill!

Can’t wait to make you some jeans!

Danielle xo